Goodbye Jarrett



 Saying Goodbye


Sitting here thinking about you,

I hear you call my name.

As I turn to see who's calling me

I see no one, only hear your voice.

I glance across the room,

To see if anyone else hears it too.

But no one seems to notice the look on my face.

I miss you so much,

I keep telling you,

But you don't seem to hear me.

Still you're calling out my name, only louder,

As the tears rolled down my face,

I glance around the room,

And see you amongst my family, and friends

The look upon your face says you're peaceful now.

I realized it was time to let you go.

Although I will always love and miss you.

I turn my head to see if anyone notices you.

Then I turn back, and you're gone.

I hear you, so very gently say,

"I love you", "Good- Bye!"

"Bye", I said . . .


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