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Enjoy the photos, click on pic for larger picture

These pics were taken 2 weeks after his brain tumor was removed. Look at that smile. Click to view larger pic

These pics were taken the day he got his Big Screen TV and his Playstation from MAKE A WISH

Jarrett and his Playstation 2 also given to him by MAKE A WISH

Jarrett's Golden Retreiver he had to have


In the ORIOLES dugout

Jarrett at Camden Yards

Jarrett and Jordan, they have been friends since 1994. She is a leukemia survivor.

Jarrett and his Cabin his last year at Camp Sunrise



Jarrett and Jallo

Sushi, as far as Jarrett was concerned, there was no better food.

More Sushi


A walk into the sunset, Jarrett at Camp Sunrise

What GREAT Smile

Jarrett, Mommy and Jordan at Camp

Need I say more?

Mommy, Jarrett and Dr Higman, The BEST!!!!!

Jarrett and the Millenium Falcon

Jarretts car from 2006 Daytona

A dedication to Jarrett on the wall in 2006 Daytona

Jarrett's Grave

Jarrett as Darth Vader

Jarrett's Grave Christmas 2005

Ornament on tree

Another Pic

Jallo Girl

Jarrett Mom and Jallo

Ain't she cute

Side Profile

Jarrett at Strasburg

Pull the wagon

Mom and Jarrett

Jarrett and Jallo

All the grandchildren

Grandchildren and Mom Mom and Pop Pop

The force is strong with this one

Jarrett Solo

Yummy Shoe

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