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      Jarrett N Young


The Courageous One

Webster defines courage as: The state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear, or vicissitudes with self-possession, confidence, and resolution; bravery.  I cannot think of any other description that fits Jarrett better that one given by Webster. 

          Every one of us is here today because in some way shape or form, Jarrett has touched all of our lives.  Jarrett lived his life without fear of what was happening to him. He believed in the people who loved him. He knew he was loved.  

I want to share a story about his courage and bravery. About 3 months ago we took one of his friends out to dinner to Kobe Steakhouse for Sushi. (Imagine that, huh) While we were waiting for the food to arrive he turned to his friend and asked him if he knew his tumor was growing back.  His friend answered that he indeed knew. Jarrett then asked him if he knew what was going to happen if the tumor did not stop growing. His friend knowing the right answer told Jarrett that he was not sure what was going to happen. Jarrett proceeded to tell him that, and I quote “if my tumor does not stop growing, I am going to die, but you know what? I am not afraid to die. You know why? Because I know that I have lived a good life, my parents have always been there for me and have always gotten me everything I wanted. I have the dog I always wanted and I know that I am loved, so if I am going to die from this then it was meant to be.” Well, needless to say we about fell out of our seats. To our immediate right there was a couple who looked horrified at what Jarrett said, I apologized to them for Jarrett’s frankness. The man immediately told me there was no reason to apologize. He was not horrified at what Jarrett said but was in awe of Jarrett’s bravery and courage in accepting the situation. He said that it was the most sincere statement that he had ever heard in his life. Jarrett taught all of us a valuable lesson that day about courage. We decided at that very second that if this child could accept what was going to happen to him with all the grace and fearlessness in the world then we certainly could. 

This is just a small anecdote about what this child was all about. There are hundreds of other stories just like this one that proves to us that he was truly the COURAGEOUS ONE.

In closing, I would just like to say to all of you please try to remember that Jarrett LIVED and do not dwell on the fact that he has died. He did die; He will always be a part of our hearts, our minds and more importantly our souls forever.  When you go home tonight and hit your knees, please ask GOD to give you the strength and the courage that Jarrett possessed. We should all be so lucky.

Thank you.

This Eulogy was given by me on Jan 13th 2005



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