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It was Jan 9th 2008, the third year anniversary of Jarrett’s death. This day was an unusually warm day for January with temps near 70. We went to the cemetery to visit his grave like we do frequently. We removed all of the Christmas Decorations along with his Christmas tree. We then cleared everything off of his grave marker. The only things left on his grave were four pennies. The pennies were put there by a family member after Jarrett died. The same pennies have been there for 3 years. I gave them to JoAnna to hold in her hands. She was wearing gloves so I put all of the pennies in her hand. After I cleaned the marker off I started to put all of the new winter items back onto his grave. I asked JoAnna for the pennies, she opened up her hand and there were only three pennies in her hand. She could not believe that she dropped a penny. At no time did she wander more than 5 feet from the grave. We searched all around the grave for the penny to no avail. We were resolved that eventually it would turn up. We then headed to her mother’s grave which is about 25 ft from Jarrett’s. We were standing there looking at her mother’s grave when all of a sudden we heard something hit her mother’s grave marker. We looked down and we both stood there open mouthed and stunned as we discovered the sound was a penny hitting it. Not just any penny, it was the penny that we thought we had lost. I looked over at JoAnna and her eyes were tearing up. That alone, told me all I needed to know about where the penny came from. You can believe what you want, but JoAnna and I have no doubt that this was a “Penny From Heaven”, to let us know that we are not alone and someone is watching over us.

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